Beaches in the center of the island The majority of the beaches in the western part of the island have sand and are quite deep. Walking along Averoff Street, you will find several organized beaches with water sports, cafes, restaurants and bars. Continuing along the coastline you will find the Zouroudis Coast, where a range of summer shops offer food and drink throughout the day. Distance from the hotel: 1km
Lambi Beach It is a busy beach in the city center, which is suitable for all: families, couples and group of friends. In its first part, there is the Kos Maritime Club and then the popular beach of Mylos, with the picturesque windmill. The limits of Lambis stop shortly after Atlantis beach, which takes its name from the hotel located there. Distance from the hotel: 3,5km
Psalidi Beach The Psalidi area is located towards the eastern side of the island, passing the harbor and marina of Kos. The route is amazing since there are countless eucalyptuses spread along it. You will also find several tourist shops, restaurants and large hotel units. The beaches are rocky, with pebbles or dark sand. Organized beaches, such as “Ammos”, as well as several places where you simply put a towel to lay down on in the sand and enjoy the sun, are offered for everyday moments of relaxation. You will also find a diving center, many spots for water different water sports, onemini golf, go karts track and the famous Aqualand Waterpark of Psalidi. Distance from the hotel: 5,1km
Agios Fokas Beach Passing the Psalidi area begins the Saint Fokas beach. There are plenty of places for diving, but the best known is the beach of “Agios Fokas”. It is a rocky beach, with clear waters, intense vegetation and pebbles and it is very popular destination for people who want to explore its depth with their sea masks. The operating company offers snacks and cool drinks until late at night. Enjoy the full moon accompanied by live music. Distance from the hotel: 8km
Therma Beach Here are the famous thermal baths of Kos. Access can be considered a challenge, but the rocky, volcanic landscape deserves a visit. Steep slopes, dark pebbles and sand are the result of tectonic disturbances and volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. Going towards to the bath you will find a canteen to buy the necessary stuff. For those who are not in the mood for walking, you can use a donkey, either by walking down or up. The smell of sulfur is intense and the hot water (30-50 degrees) rises from the rocks. It is essentially a warm lake, which in some places, because of it is near the sea, becomes lukewarm. Distance from the hotel: 13 km 
Tigaki Beach The beach is considered one of the most beautiful on the island for those who appreciate the shallow, turquoise waters and the endless sand on the seabed. The settlement is considered tourist, with countless deck chairs spread across the coastline, water sports, cafes, restaurants, shops and apartments. The protected area of ​​Aliki (Salt Lake) is among the coastal settlements of Tigaki and Marmari on the northern side, which functioned until 1989 as a saltwater production site. Distance from the hotel: 10,5 km 
Marmari Beach One of the most sandy beaches of the island, with crystal blue waters in a completely tourist settlement that is very lively during the summer months. Hotels, restaurants and a magnificent sandy beach where you can admire and enjoy the magnificent sunset. Do not be surprised if you see horses riding on the beach. There is a therapeutic horse riding center in the area and there are facilities for riding lessons, offering the opportunity to everyone to get in touch with the horses and ride on the sandy beach. Marmari also has a kayak track while it is suitable for the lovers of kitesurfing. Distance from the hotel: 14,2 km
Mastichari Beach Mastichari beach gives you the feeling that you are in an exotic place. In some places it is organized, but there are places where you can lie down with your towel on the sand. In addition to the organized water sports, it is ideal for windsurfing or kitesurfing. Furthermore, in the area of ​​Mastichari (25km from the city center), one of the largest water parks in Greece, " Lido Water Park ", occupies an area of ​​75.000sqm. Distance from the hotel: 21,1 km 
Kardamena Beach The popular tourist settlement of Kardamena is famous for its sandy beach. You will find organized beaches, cafes, restaurants, bar, shops and many water sports options. The stunning beach of Helona is located about four kilometers from Kardamena. It has golden sand and crystal blue waters, so naturally it is a typical beach of the island. Most of it is organized but you can lie on your own in the sand. You will find some cafes and restaurants in case you want to stop for a meal. Distance from the hotel: 25,4 km - 30 km
“Markos”, “Sunny”, “Langada”, “Magic” Beaches It is essentially a long beach, which takes a different name, depending on the segments in which it is divided. Each beach has turquoise waters with some umbrellas and golden sand. You will find showers and some taverns or canteens. Access is obtained from the alleys on the left side of the main road leading to Kefalos. The corresponding signs will guide you. Distance from the hotel: 33km 
Agios Stefanos Beach Kefalos settlement is proud of its sandy beaches and there is a reason for that. Here you will find the most beautiful beaches of the island. The picture that basically stands out when talking about the island of Hippocrates is that with the small islet on the beach of Agios Stefanos. The ruins of Early Christian temples are just a few meters from the sea. The crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea combined with the "Kastri", the small rocky islet of 50 meters in diameter, just across from where the small church of Agios Nikolaos emerges, create, undoubtedly, an irresistible combination. Distance from the hotel: 36,1 km 
“Paradise” Beach As one can easily understand from the name, it is a small paradise: a sandy beach about 6 km long, with crystal-clear waters and a unique backdrop of the lush cedar hills. A really organized beach, it offers the visitor what he needs. Here you can relax and enjoy swimming, but also have fun while trying some of the many water sports. For lunch, you can enjoy snacks, or fresh fish and local appetizers in some of the taverns in the wider region. The beach is accessible by following the road that leaves from Kefalos. Distance from the hotel: 35.9 km 
“Cavo Paradiso” Beach Although difficult to access, as it is hidden in the southern tip of the island, it is an exotic beach with crystal clear waters and golden sand. This exotic scenery in the Aegean is about half an hour from the village of Kefalos. A small part of it is organized, but the rest of the space is available for total peace of mind. To find this beach, you have to follow the road that leaves the settlement of Kefalos, which ends up on a dirt road. Distance from the hotel: 50,2 km