In the 1950s, a hotel construction program was initiated by the state to improve and strengthen the development of tourism in Greece, part of which was the construction of the hotels "Xenia" at privileged positions. The project was supervised by the National Tourism Organization and the places chosen were mainly in natural landscapes of rare beauty or in areas of archaeological interest. Moreover, a great generation of Greek architects, unique representatives of modernism, who worked under the guidance of Charalambos Sfaellos and Aris Constantinides, had been involved in the construction of the hotel units.

Kos, the birthplace of Hippocrates, with its archaeological richness and sandy beaches, was integrated without second thoughts into the program. In the 1960s, Philippos Vokos, one of the most important architects of the post-war period, designed the “Xenia” in the city of Kos on Vasileos Georgiou street. Embedded in the urban fabric, a few meters from the central market, and secluded right in front of the sea, the "Theoxenia", as it was named, signaled the tourist development of the island. Standing beautifully and proud next to the Italian buildings of the area, the hotel hosted in his forty-two rooms many foreign tourists who wanted to enjoy the Greek sun and many people who wanted to study the life of Hippocrates.

In order to reach its present form of "Kos Aktis Art Hotel", several interventions took place both on the inside and on the outside of the hotel.
 First of all, the ground floor layout was changed in order to accommodate two new shops, according to the H.T.O (Hellenic Tourism Organization) specifications. Then a new wooden oak reception was made, the lifts were replaced, new flooring was made with ceramic tiles, trees were planted outside, the outdoor areas were enriched with irrigation systems and lighting fixtures, the kitchen was renovated and modern windows were installed in all areas. The rooms were modernized, furnishing was changed and equipped with new machines.

The rejuvenation effort of "Theoxenia", which lasted for about ten months, was successfully finished and in 2005 the hotel "Kos Aktis" opened its doors to welcome the residents of the island and travelers from all over the world. The hotel, which runs all year round, has overall boosted the tourist product of Kos, strengthened the local community by creating new jobs, thus supporting young people who want to work professionally in the tourism field and, above all, created a tourist model that respects the place and creatively compiles all its strengths and qualities. Producers offered their products, musicians found space to express themselves freely and artists presented their work. Together with the management and the employees of the hotel are making efforts to keep alive the vision of "Xenia": the cosmopolitan Greece.

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