Fitness room

Running in the treadmill and looking through the big window, the huge fig tree that stands in front of you will make you think that you're moving and flying in the air. The Kos Aktis fitness room is located on the third floor of the hotel, overlooking the park on Vasileos Georgiou Street and is ideal for those who exercise every day or are looking for a reason to start. Spacious and inspiring, with wood and glass dominating the space, it has the necessary equipment for a complete workout. The Kos Aktis fitness room apart from the treadmill, includes a back machine, a step machine, a bicycle and two benches for free weights, while the special mats allow the athlete to practice ground exercises.

The fitness room is air-conditioned, has its own private bathroom, it is open throughout the day and is free of charge for those staying in the hotel. Ideally, in order to increase the performance of your exercise, combine the gym with the special meals offered at the "H20". In the menu there are suggestions covering every type of workout, such as high protein meals or low fat meals. Finally, "Kos Aktis" has in its team a trainer who can train you individually.

Square meters: 40sq


  • One treadmill
  • One back machine
  • One step machine
  • One bicycle
  • Two benches
  • Free weighs
  • Mats
Room Details
Open 24 hours
Use for visitors:
Free of charge
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