The Hotel

Kos Aktis Art Hotel

The hotel “Kos Aktis” is a unique destination for every traveler as it is open throughout the year and it is built in a great location in the center of the city, right on the seafront and all the rooms face the magnificent view of the sea. For the couple who is looking for a two-day getaway during winter, for the person who travels because of work and needs a place to rest; for the cyclist who is exploring new place in two wheels; for all those who want to taste at least for once the authentic experience of ancient Greek hospitality. Since 2005, the hotel has become one of the top destinations for those who love the daily contact with the sea.

The thirty six rooms and six suites of the hotel, which are equally divided into three floors, are overlooking the city of Halicarnassus, which is located right next to the Greek border. During the day, the traveler, while relaxing on his spacious balcony, can enjoy the lively colors of the sun in the beautiful sky while it fades away to the silence of the night and stares at the bright stars. If there is a full moon, the traveler will see the reflection of the moon to the turbulent, dark blue color of the sea.

On the left side of the hotel “Kos Aktis” stands since 1927 the oldest hotel of the island, “Albergo Gelsomino”; on the right side is the bicycle path which leads to the marina of the island and opposite of the main entrance the enormous fig tree dominates the park of Vasileos Georgiou avenue. Without a doubt, the element which characterizes the general construction of the hotel is the glass. The windows of the corridors and rooms make it perfectly bright and they allow the natural communication of the hotel with the surrounding places. The thick glass on the balconies transforms the outer partitions of the rooms into perfectly aligned canvases, where the sky is reflected each time with different colors. If you look at them from a distance, they look like hanging paintings. Lastly, on the ground floor, the sliding glass doors at the bar-restaurant “H20”, give a sense that the tables are floating in the sea. In other words, wherever the traveler stands in the hotel, he can either see the water from the sea or observe the various interesting things outside the building.

This was the original goal. The dynamic images that are created each time from the combination of water movement and the light intensity change are stunningly beautiful. Thus, the traveler constantly feels that his environment is changing, even though it remains the same.

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