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The Asclepeion was the best and most famous hospital of its time. It is believed to be one of the first hospitals founded in ancient times.

The plane tree of Hippocrates
The plane tree of Hippocrates is the most ancient tree in Europe where Hippocrates himself used to teach Medicine to his students. It is a perennial tree with a trunk diameter of 12 metres.

The Museum
The Museum of Kos is the home of a great range of ancient artifacts with the world known statue of Hippocrates being the most visited and recognized by the majority of visitors.

The medieval Castle
The first sight of those who visit Kos via boat is the Medieval Castle of Kos. A well preserved monument to remind the people of Kos and its visitors of the times when Knights fought for the island.

The Market – Agora
The Market place of Kos was considered one of the biggest in the ancient world. It was the commercial and administrative centre at the heart of the ancient city.

The Roman Odeon
It was built by the Romans around the 2nd or 3rd century. It has been restored and it is in generally good condition. Many cultural events take place there.

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