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Easter in Kos

Spend the days of Easter with the ones you love and let us provide you with unique moments of relaxation and luxury. Kos Aktis Art Hotel and H2O restaurant are ready to welcome the visitors that decided to spend this year's Easter days at Kos.

Easter is the most important celebration in Greece, and a period that various traditional festivities take place, especially during the Holy Week. Before and during the Holy Week , you can enjoy our "Sarakostiano" menu, with traditional Greek recipes, and then navigate to the Kos countryside. The many well-preserved churches of the island, for the biggest to the smallest one, are decorated and full of people for the Easter. At Good Friday, as Greek religious tradition dictates of all Epitaphs are being carried around the streets of the city, ultimately meeting at the main square, offering a unique spectacle.

At Saturday night, churces are ready for most important even in Christianity: the Resurrection. When “Christós Anésti” (Christ has risen) is heard, at exactly 12:00 o'clock, locals will illuminate several fireworks and firecrackers. Back at H2O a special dinner, with traditional soup and pie will be held. In case you want to attend a Catholic church, there is one in close distance from the hotel as well.

We invite you to join us and experience traditional Greek Easter, with the hospitality and care of our team at Kos Aktis!

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